Technology to Increase Selectivity for
cancer cells and Enhance Efficacy
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Next Generation ADC Platform

PINOT-ADC™ is a next-generation ADC anticancer drug platform technology that uses an independent drug (Payload) and linker that overcome the limitations of existing ADC drugs.
Based on the PINOT-ADC™ technology, we are jointly conducting research and development of a number of candidate substances such as the best-in-class ADC anticancer drug (PBX-001) targeting solid cancer Trop2 with various partner companies.

Distinction and Competitive Advantage

  • Use of new payload or overcoming resistance
    • More than 5 to 10 times stronger pharmacological effect than Camptothecin drugs such as SN38
    • Safe even when administered alone plus with a wide therapeutic window secured
  • Overcoming resistance related to ADC processing through rapid release around cancer tissue
    • Use of a linker system with high release efficiency in cancer tissues with the use of a high safety payload
    • Maximizing anticancer efficacy by disseminating the drug to cancer cells after drug release not only inside cancer cells but also around cancer tissues

How PINOT-ADC™ Platform Overcomes Resistance in Solid Tumor

PINOT-ADC™ MOA Animation